Bluehost Review – The Main Pros and Cons of Using Hosting

Before you started reading this Bluehost review, you probably heard that this hosting is often called the # 1 hosting in the world. In 90% of cases, this is confirmed by the numerous hosting ratings that place Bluehost on the first line. This is a really good hosting service that has been successfully operating since 2003 and today hosts more than 2 million websites. But, like any other hosting, Bluehost is not 100% perfect and not without flaws. In this honest Bluehost review, you will find out what the hosting is really good for and what the disadvantages of Bluehost might make you choose a different hosting for your websites.

In order for the Bluehost hosting review to be complete, it will be evaluated by the most important parameters that actually affect the usability of this hosting and which provide the optimal result at the declared cost. You will learn about the real performance of Bluehost, the reliability of Bluehost hosting, the convenience of creating websites on WordPress and other CMS, the features of Bluehost hosting, basic Bluehost plans, the quality of support services, data security on the hosting, fares andabout best alternatives. In the end, you will read my findings on Bluehost hosting and recommendations for its use.

Real Bluehost hosting performance

When we talk about hosting performance, first of all, we evaluate the loading speed of your sites. This parameter has always been important, but in our time its value increases even more. Numerous studies prove that reducing the download speed of your site by just 1 second reduces the conversion rate by 7%. And if the page loading speed on your website exceeds 3 seconds, you can lose about 50% of traffic, especially when it comes to mobile traffic.

Since website visitors are the most important thing for any webmaster, it is hosting performance that you should always evaluate first. If we are talking about Bluehost, then the performance of this hosting was measured using the special Pingdom service. The study involved a website hosted on the Basic Plan. Below you can see the site’s response speed over the past 18 months. The average response time was 387 ms and this is really an outstanding result that Bluehost hosting can be proud of.

Real Bluehost hosting response time (18 last months)

Real Bluehost hosting response time (18 last months)

It is very important that Bluehost not only maintains high performance, but also constantly improves it. As you can see, in 2018 the average website response time for months did not fall below 400 ms. This is a good result and many hosting companies would be happy to achieve such a result. But Bluehost has achieved the fact that since January 2019, the response time has become even less and only in June this parameter exceeded 400 ms. And for 9 months of 2019, the average response time was 350 ms!

Of course, you must understand that the speed of loading a website depends on the internal optimization of the website. But hosting performance is the parameter that you cannot influence. Therefore, the choice of initially high performance hosting for your websites allows you to achieve the best result, all other things being equal.

A good indicator of site response time is not only for the USA and Canada, but also for Europe

A good indicator of site response time is not only for the USA and Canada, but also for Europe

Bluehost Hosting Reliability Review

No matter how fast your website loads, this speed can be useless in cases where hosting does not provide site access for visitors for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As you can see in the picture above, the uptime of Bluehost hosting averaged 99.99%. If we translate this indicator into absolute figures, we get the following data: for a year the website was unavailable to visitors for some reason 52 minutes. Those. Each month the site was unavailable to visitors for a little over 4 minutes.

100% uptime period for Bluehost hosting for test website for many months

100% uptime period for Bluehost hosting for test website for many months

We can also see that 12 months out of the 18 previous months, the availability of the website was absolute (100%), which is a very good indicator. Considering that no hosting guarantees 100% accessibility to websites and that 99.9% is usually a guarantee of the best hosting, Bluehost has an excellent result for this indicator and this is another plus in favor of choosing this hosting.

Bluehost for Wordpres websites

If you are looking for hosting for WordPress, then you can be sure that Bluehost is one of the best options out of all possible. In fact, you can install WordPress on hundreds of other hosting providers too. But Bluehost is one of the three official partners of and recommended by the creators of this most popular CMS in the world. According to Bluehost, the employees of this hosting have a direct relationship with the WordPress developers and some of the engineers are involved in the development of the WordPress core.

WordPress recommends Bluehost Hosting (official partner)

WordPress recommends Bluehost Hosting (official partner)

At a minimum, this means that a lot of hosting staff at the expert level understand the entire structure of WordPress and, if necessary, can provide professional and qualified assistance to customers. In addition to Bluehost, Dreamhost hosting and SiteGround hosting are also official WordPress partners. A detailed overview of the advantages and disadvantages of these two popular hosting can also be found in the Hosting Choice section of this website.

Bluehost support service review

Periodically, any hosting client, even the most experienced user, needs outside help. Therefore, it is important to choose a hosting with round-the-clock customer support. Better yet, when such support is provided using several communication options. In the Bluehost situation, you get round-the-clock support by phone or live chat. The second option is especially convenient when you live outside the United States. It is very convenient that Bluehost provides all customers with a very large library of useful articles on solving the most popular problems. By searching, you can quickly find the answer to your question even without contacting Bluehost hosting support. You can also use special video tutorials and step-by-step manuals that are understandable even for beginners.

Bluehost support service is is fast and available even for new customers

Bluehost support service is is fast and available even for new customers

In fact, I can’t share my rich personal experience of contacting support. I am already quite an experienced webmaster and for several years I contacted support only two times. But both times I was provided with qualified and, very importantly, quick help and my problem was quickly resolved. Before writing this review, I checked dozens of reviews about Bluehost support and in 90% of cases the rating was positive. Approximately 10% believe that support in some cases could be better, and the remaining 10% left negative reviews about Bluehost support. Given that people tend to leave negative reviews and forget to write a review when they have no problems, the results are very good. In other words, the Bluehost support service works very well and this is another plus in favor of choosing this hosting service for your websites.

Bluehost Plans – review and Recommendations

In the screenshot below on the page, you can see the most popular Bluehost hosting plans. First of all, the attention is drawn to the Basic plan, which allows you to get a highly productive Bluehost hosting for a month for the price of one cup of coffee at Starbucks. True, there is one condition: a low price is guaranteed only when paying for Bluehost hosting immediately for 1 year of use or a longer period. The standard price for the Basic Plan is $ 7.99 per month.

Plans of Bluehost Hosting - Perhaps, best offer on the market. Especially plan Plus

Plans of Bluehost Hosting – Perhaps, best offer on the market. Especially plan Plus

All tariffs, including the basic one, include a free SSL certificate, unlimited traffic, hosting websites on fast SSDs, good protection, one-click WordPress installation, convenient cPanel, free mailboxes and a number of other modern features. Already the basic plan includes 50 GB of disk space. This is more than enough, even in cases where you will post a lot of high-resolution photos on our website or upload other large files.

The main disadvantage of the Basic plan (and all initial tariffs of other hosting) is the ability to add only 1 website. Therefore, I always recommend paying attention to plan number 2. In the case of Bluehost, this is a Plus plan, which differs from the base plan at a price of 1 USD per month, but provides much greater opportunities. First of all, this is an unlimited number of websites and an unlimited amount of available disk space on the SSD.

Like all webmasters, you will very soon want to create more than 1 website. Even if it will be landings, but not full-fledged sites on WordPress. And the more websites you add on the Plus plan, the lower the cost of each of them will be in the end. After all, you should not pay extra for each additional website. If you register using my Bluehost affiliate link, Plus plan will be available for you at a special price – only 4.95 USD per month (standard price is 10.99 USD).

Bluehost Hosting – Security Overview

As you can see, Bluehost provides some of the lowest rates for services. At the same time, even the basic plan includes a free SSL certificate (without which Google would mark your website as insecure). Bluehost hosting provides the ability to protect WHOIS domain information (when it is not prohibited by law). To protect sites from malware, Bluehost hosting uses SiteLock.

Bluehost Review - Safety options

Bluehost review – Paid and free website security options

Cloudflare technology, also available for Bluehost clients, provides good protection against DDoS attacks. The same technology provides faster access to the site from any country in the world. Finally, you can use automatic daily backups. This allows you to restore the site’s functionality even if your site was hacked for some reason, corrupted by malware, or you yourself accidentally changed important configuration files of WordPress or files of your active WordPress theme.

Overview of Other Bluehost Pros

As you can see, during this review, Bluehost hosting proved with real examples that it is not by chance called Hosting #1. Below on the page I will note a few more advantages of this hosting that may be of interest to potential customers.

Fast registration and payment

Registration on Bluehost hosting is very fast and consists of filling out simple forms on 2 pages. Payment for hosting is made using major credit cards and Paypal. Activation of your account immediately after payment, without delay.

Money back guarantee

Currently, it is a rule that every good hosting service guarantees a refund if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of services. Bluehost hosting, the review of which you are reading, is no exception. This hosting guarantees a refund within 30 days from the date of payment. Please note that a refund cannot be made for paying a gift domain if you have already used this opportunity. Those. You will receive a full refund with the exception of $ 15.99. At the same time, you can use this domain in the future on another hosting. Other hosting providers offer similar return conditions.

Bluehost guarantees a full refund for hosting services within 30 days

Bluehost guarantees a full refund for hosting services within 30 days

Easy installation of CMS

In addition to WordPress, you can use many other popular CMSs and easily install them via cPanel. For example, it could be Joomla or Drupal. A great advantage is the availability of a free website builder. This allows you to create simple websites or landing pages with a visual editor and ready-made templates.

Simplicity and convenience

Thanks to the convenient and intuitive cPanel, Bluehost hosting is available even for beginners. At the same time, Bluehost made some changes to cPanel to make everything even more understandable and visual. And in your account you can quickly and easily add additional services.

Other types of hosting

Bluehost can offer you not only shared hosting, on the basis of which this review is made. You can choose other types of hosting, including VPS, cloud hosting and Dedicated server. And you can always upgrade your plan to a more professional one.

Bluehost offers not only shared hosting, but also other types of hosting

Bluehost offers not only shared hosting, but also other types of hosting

Cons of Bluehost hosting

As you may have noticed, Bluehost has many advantages. But so that the review of this hosting is objective, I cannot but write about the cons of Bluehost.

More high rates for renewal

When you open the list of Bluehost hosting plans, you see very attractive prices. But you will not get this price if you pay for hosting for 1 month or 1 year. As a rule, the minimum price is indicated when paying for hosting for 3 years. This means that your one-time hosting costs not will be as small as you might expect. And instead of 3-5 USD you will have to pay 100-180 USD (depending on the chosen plan).

By the way, almost all hosting companies use this unpleasant “secret” and you should be prepared for this. You should also be prepared that in renewal period of hosting you will not be able to get your initial price. After 1, 2 or 3 years of use, you will have to pay for hosting at a normal price. Therefore, the best way to save money is to immediately pay for Bluehost hosting for three years at a special price.

More high rates for renewal after 3 years of using

Bluehost Hosting – More high rates for renewal after 3 years of using

Aggressive offer of additional services

The second drawback of Bluehost is a somewhat intrusive offer of additional services in the process of registering and paying for a hosting. But you can easily fix this flaw. In order not to pay for services that you may not initially need, you just need to uncheck the checkboxes before paying for hosting.

Migration of website aren’t free

Finally, the third drawback of Bluehost is paid website migration. As a rule, a good hosting will transfer your website for free (one or several), because this is a great opportunity to get a new client. But Bluehost has a different policy in this matter, and you have to pay 150 USD for site migration services. This fee includes the migration of 5 your websites, but if you have only one website, you cannot reduce this price. However, if you have a website and want to host it on Bluehost hosting, you can do it yourself and for free. You can easily find the detailed manual on YouTube.

Bluehost offers to transfer your websites only for money

Bluehost offers to transfer your websites only for money

Review summary. Can I recommend Bluehost?

Definitely yes! This is one of the fastest and most stable hosting services, which is ideal for both WordPress and simple one-page selling websites. With Bluehost Shared Hosting, you can be sure that your websites will open quickly in all developed countries of the world at almost 100% uptime throughout the year. Good work of the support service, reliable data protection, the ability to connect additional services.

The cost of the basic package is identical to the main competitors of Bluehost, so when choosing a hosting for 1 website, this parameter is not the most important. But if you are serious about business and understand that you will create several websites for various purposes, Plus plan will please you for the price. This is truly the best offer that allows you to host an unlimited number of your websites with unlimited traffic. And even after three years of using Bluehost hosting, when the cost of the plan is increased, it will still be very profitable compared to competitors.

Bluehost hosting is not without several cons. As is customary in the industry, hosting renewal will cost more than what you pay at the time of registration. Also, you may not like the paid migration of your site to Bluehost (other hosting companies often do this for free). If you are a beginner without website, then this will not be a problem. Hundreds of thousands of customers have chosen Bluehost and they do not regret it! A guarantee of a full refund allows you to independently make a conclusion about the quality of services of this hosting.

I hope my review of Bluehost was useful for you and now you know what you can expect from using Bluehost, what are the main pros and cons of this hosting. If you already have experience using Bluehost, you can share it in the comments on this review. I wish you all good luck!


Disclosure: I am earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through affiliate links in Bluehost review. Thanks for your support!


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