How to create Clickbank Account from any country – manual!

Hello everybody! Today I will tell you how to register on the Clickbank service, with which you can very quickly start receiving affiliate commissions in dollars. In general, registration there is not complicated, so I will focus on another issue: How to register on Clickbank if your country is not in the list of countries available for registration in this service. In fact, there are very few of such countries, but even in Europe there is such a country in which I live, so here I am sharing not just theory, but real practice. Follow all the steps step by step, and you can successfully register on Clickbank and start making good money there. 

Video manual on registration at Clickbank from any country

The secure registration process at Clickbank (from countries that are not officially available at Clickbank) is simple and consists of three steps. I will show this on the example of registration from a smartphone, as the most simple, although on a PC everything can be done in a similar way. If you prefer to watch the video format instead of reading the text, you can watch the video instruction.

Step 1. Change your IP

To register for Clickbank you need an email address (I recommend using free Google mail (, a smartphone or a computer. I know that some people make money on Clickbank even without a computer or laptop, so in fact you can only earn by phone: in order to successfully register on Clickbank using your phone, you must use any VPN application, which will allow you to change your current IP to the IP of the country for which registration on Clickbank is possible.

How to change your IP for registration at Clickbank

How to change your IP for registration at Clickbank

At one time, I used the Hola Free VPN application for this (you can download it for free on your Android smartphone on Google Play. After installing this application, you should open it and select from the list some country for which Clickbank registration is possible At the same time, I advise you to choose not the country on the opposite end of the planet, but the country closest to you, for example, if you live in Belarus, then this is Poland, Lithuania or Russia, if Bangladesh, then you can choose India, if Myanmar, you can choose Thailand, and if Nigeria or Niger, then Mali or Benin. This method is more secure in perspective for continuous payments from Clickbank.

Even before registering for Clickbank, I advise you to spend 5 minutes and find a real address in the country through which you will register on Clickbank. For this, it is easiest to use the address of any hotel, information about which you can find on the Internet (except for the city and street, you should know the zip code). After that, you can proceed directly to the registration process. If you are registering using a smartphone, make sure that after starting Hola Free VPN and choosing the country you need, your connection has been changed. A key icon should appear at the top of the screen.

Step 2. Creating a new account in Clickbank

Now you launch Google Chrome, then open and go to the Create Account page. The first step is to fill in personal information. You choose the language, country (the one you have chosen), and your real name and surname (this is an important condition for withdrawing money in the future). Then you fill in the fields with the address, phone, etc. I took the address of a random hotel in the desired country and the phone number of this hotel (I just changed a few numbers in it), because the phone number will not be used further. In the last column on the first page, be sure to indicate your real email address (it will be needed for account verification and further work at Clickbank).

Filling in personal information - registration at Clickbank

Filling in personal information – registration at Clickbank

After clicking on the Next Step button, you will be taken to the next page of the questionnaire, in which you must fill in only three fields. On the top line you need to write your last name, in the middle – the name of any bank in that country through which you register and use which IP. In the last country, you need to select the country of the bank (this will be the country of registration). Before you click on the Next Step button, you must click on the link at the bottom of the page (Terms and conditions) and check the box.

Registration at Clickbank - banking information, nickname and password

Registration at Clickbank – banking information, nickname and password

On the next page you should come up with a nickname (login) and password. In the process of creating a password, do not forget to follow the rules (there must be a minimum of 2 capital and 2 small letters, a minimum of 2 digits and 2 special characters). If you did everything correctly, you can click the Create Account button. To complete the registration, you must fill out a short questionnaire about the type of account, your experience in affiliate marketing, desired income, traffic sources, etc. You can fill in the fields as shown in my video.

Step 3. Account verification at Clickbank

The final stage of registration at Clickbank – verification of your account. To do this, you need to open the folder with incoming e-mails and open the letter from Clickbank. There will be only one link in the letter, by clicking on which you will verify your account and you can use your username and password to enter your personal account, select affiliate programs and create affiliate links. I recommend using Hola Free VPN in your account verification process. And also in cases when you will change your account (for example. Change bank details, etc.). In the process of normal work, you can go to Clickbank from your country without using a VPN.

To verify your account, simply follow the link in the letters from Clickbank

To verify your account, simply follow the link in the letters from Clickbank

I hope my instruction on registering an account with Clickbank was useful for you and now you can start working with this service without restrictions. And so that you can easily withdraw the money that you earned at Clickbank, I advise you to connect a bank account in the USA to it. If you live in one of the countries that is not on the Clickbank list, then the main problem is not registration and earnings of affiliate commissions, but the opportunity to receive your income. Those. problem with the withdrawal of money to your bank account. After all, Clickbank will not send a check to the country with which this service does not work. And I’m sure that you cannot officially use Paypal to receive money if you live in one of these “happy” countries.

But do not be sad, because in the article How to Withdraw Money from Clickbank from Any Country. I will show you a simple and effective way for you. You will also receive a bonus of $ 25 USD if you register using my link. Good luck!


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