How to earn money from website – The best ways

Most good websites can be turned into a real machine for make money, that brings a steady monthly income. Personally, I prefer passive ways to monetize the website, which allow me to earn income even in cases where for some time I stop working with my websites. However, for the sake of completeness, in this article I will describe all the main ways of making money on the website and tell their relevance at the moment. It should be noted that some ways to make money on your website have nuances that in the short term can bring quick income, but over time they can negatively affect the development of your blog or information website and significantly reduce potential income. Apply these methods of earnings or not – you can decide for yourself after reading this article.

What should be a website for making money

I did not casually mention at the beginning of this article that only a good website can be a source of stable high income. This may seem illogical, but website for making money should not initially be created for this. Exceptions are websites that were originally created for monetization by experienced professionals with years of experience. But if you are reading this article, you probably are not one of them. I also cannot consider myself a great professional in this field, but 8 years of practical experience and more than two dozen websites that were created from scratch at different times and with varying degrees of success, allow me to draw certain conclusions.

Therefore, before creating a website, you should first of all not think about how much money it will bring to you, but how to make it interesting, useful and convenient for visitors. And after a certain number of people visit your website every day (depending on the subject, this number may be different), you can already think about monetization. And in order to make the website interesting and useful for visitors, you should, if possible, choose the topic that is of particular interest to you and that you are well-versed in. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to do, and i know that many people choose for themselves extremely popular and “monetary” topics. More about my personal experience, I told in the article How To Choose A Website Topic – Tips and Mistakes.

How to earn money online with Google

One of the most popular and profitable ways of making money on the website is the placement of blocks of contextual advertising. Such an advertisement has received its name due to its relevance to the subject of the website, context. To do this, special robots scan every page of your website, determine its subject matter and this allows you to display relevant (thematic ads) on this page. The most popular contextual advertising service in the world is Google. A program for webmasters that allows you to place ad units on the pages of your websites is called Google Adsense.

Before you can add a special code of ad block to your website, your website must be moderated for compliance with the program conditions (attendance, quality of materials, absence of prohibited or non-unique content, etc.). For years, Google Adsense moderation has been very liberal. However, as of 2019, the requirements for adding a website to Google Adsense have become littlr bit more complex.

For example, now every new website on which you want to start placing ad units must pass an individual moderation. Previously, everything was more loyal: after going through moderation with one website, you could add ad units to all your websites without restriction and regardless of their attendance. This made it a bit more difficult to work with Adsense, but if you have a quality website with useful content and enough traffic, you will be accepted and you can add ad units to the website. For each click by a visitor of your website on an advertisement you will receive an income.

You may have heard that in very monetary topics you can get to 50 USD per click. In fact, it is very rare and some webmasters will never see such an income from one click. I have been working with Google Adsense for more than 7 years, and my record – is 5 USD per click on an advertisement. Averages – 15-20 cents (on my travel websites). Currently, Google Adsense is my most important source of income, especially during the summer months, when my income from affiliate programs is significantly reduced due to the low tourist season in Asia. Detailed information on how to make money on the website with the help of contextual advertising Google Adsense you can read in the article on the link. You may also be interested in my monthly income reports from all sources that I share in the “Finstrips” section of the website.

How to make money on the website on direct advertising

This type of earnings on the website most often involves placing banners from direct advertisers. At the initial stage, while the website does not have great popularity and few visitors, this type of earnings is problematic to apply. The exceptions are some highly specialized sites, where even with a attendance of about 100 people per day you can find an advertiser. You can search for an advertiser on specialized resources, but in my experience advertisers themselves make an offer if your site corresponds to the desired subject matter and is highly popular. I started receiving the first promotional offers after the site began to be visited by more than 1,000 people per day.

Usually, cooperation involves placing an advertising banner in a certain area of the site for a certain time period (week or month) for a fixed fee. It is also possible that the fee is charged for the desired amount of banner impressions to site visitors. In this case, a banner rotator can be installed on the site (that is, banners from different advertisers can be displayed in the same place). For me, this kind of earnings on the site is not the main, because in practice i was sure that it is more profitable to place a banner of one of the affiliate programs. In addition, advertiser banners can be very “heavy” and slow down the loading of a site’s page, which negatively affects its ranking by search engines.

How to make money with affiliate marketing

A very popular way to monetize websites, which brings me personally the second most important monthly income. In some periods the total income from all affiliate programs even exceeds the income from contextual advertising. The essence of this method is that you place affiliate links to products or services in articles on your website or place banners on the pages. In this case, you will receive income not for clicks on links or banners, but for completed actions. For example, when visitors to your website purchase goods from an online store, book a hotel (and later pay for it), buy a plane ticket or a ticket for a trip.

I tell about affiliate programs for the travel, which I most often use myself, because I mainly work with travel sites. But depending on the subject matter of your site, they can be completely diverse and consist in the sale of goods and services in which visitors to your site may be interested. In addition, you can always recommend to visitors of your site to use your hosting for their projects, because you probably use a good one (it makes no sense in our time to use a bad one), and almost every hosting service has a good affiliate program. For example, I always recommend Siteground hosting with professional round-the-clock support in very fast servers. This hosting service allows you to achieve a record-fast upload of your websites in most countries of the world.

When working with affiliate programs, you should carefully select offers. As I wrote earlier, it is very important to maintain the confidence of your readers. And it is very easy to lose it if you begin to recommend using dubious goods and services in your articles. Therefore, it is better to get a little less income, but to recommend those services and services that you use yourself and of which you are sure. Partly this problem is solved by well-known affiliate program aggregators, which rarely get bad affiliate programs. Such a reward is summed up from all affiliate programs to one personal account, which allows you to quickly reach the minimum amount of payments to your wallet.

Separately, I want to mention affiliate programs informational or training courses. The most popular service is Clickbank. The advantage of this type of affiliate marketing is a very large one-time commission (in the case of Clickbank, repeated commissions are often available as a result of a subscription to the service). But you must remember that it is better to advertise really good products. If you advertise bad online educational courses on your website, you can get a big commission, but after that you can lose the trust of your visitors. Decide for yourself what is more important to you.

Earnings on placing links on the site

Once a very popular form of income, for which 7-10 years ago it was very profitable to create websites with a large number of pages. If to explain briefly, the authority of the site is very dependent on how many links to this site are placed on third-party resources. And the more authoritative the site, the more money you can ask for posting someone else’s links on the pages of your site. On the other hand, the presence of links to other sites to some extent reduced the credibility of the site itself, therefore, it was necessary to observe some parity. For this, simultaneously with the placement of links on your site, you should post links to your site on other resources. Many processes were automated: a special code was put on the site that automatically put and deleted other websites links.

Earnings on the sale of links was in some sense risky, because search engines in general had a negative attitude towards such an artificial increase in the reference mass and periodically introduced new filters and lowered such sites in the search results. Once upon a time I used to purchase links to my first car website, but did not deal with the mass placement of other people’s links on my sites. It was safer to make money by selling links in manual mode, when a thematic article was written under one specific link, where such a link seemed natural. By the way, I personally wrote over a thousand of such articles at the time when I was actively earning on the Internet through copywriting (this was before the creation of my first site).

Currently, selling links can still bring you some income, especially when your site is very popular and highly valued by search engines. But the business of selling links has already gone through its best days, because search engines have become much smarter and now the main factors in evaluating a site are not the number of external links, but behavioral factors (how long time visitors read your site, the number of open pages by one visitor, the number of repeat visits , bounce rate, etc.). In other words, I would not consider this way of earning on the site as the main and stable.

Earnings on the site on the placement of guest posts

This method of earning on the site is very similar to the previous one. The only difference is that instead of a link to someone else’s site, you place a thematic article on your site (often of an advertising nature) with a link to another site. In theory, everything sounds good: you get a new unique article on your website and additionally get paid for it. However, it is important to correctly evaluate both the quality of the article itself and the site to which the link will be added in this article. Often advertisers try to post not true unique, but unique for bots article with the help of special software, which is not welcomed by search engines. A link from your site to a site that, from the point of view of search engines, is suspicious, dangerous, or consisting of stolen articles, will negatively affect the credibility of your site.

Thus, at present, of the five ways to make money on the site, I can only recommend two: affiliate programs and contextual advertising. These are safe and relatively stable ways of earning that can generate income in a passive mode. It is with these two methods that I have been monetizing all my sites for the past 5 years and I believe that nothing better or more convenient has yet been invented. I did not specifically mention in this article one more type of earnings on the site, such as the sale of physical or digital goods or services, since this is a slightly different kind of earnings. More on this, I will write in a separate article How to make an online store website.

I remind you that all those who register in affiliate programs for my links can count on my help in personal correspondence. Hope the article was helpful to you. For more information on how to create websites with a view to earning on affiliate programs or contextual advertising, you will find in separate articles. And in order not to miss the new interesting post – subscribe to the site’s newsletter in the sidebar or below this article if you use a smartphone or tablet.




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