How to make money with affiliate marketing without a website

How to make money with affiliate marketing without a websiteThere is still a common misconception that it is impossible to make money on affiliate programs without a website. In reality, this is not the case and you can start earning using other sources of traffic. In this short article I will give you six great ways to get free and paid traffic for your affiliate programs. For some of you, these methods will even be easier than maintaining your own website. But in any case, you will need to do some preparatory work and invest at least your time. To effectively use all these sources for earnings, you should always remember the most important rule of affiliate marketing – you get a good stable income when you and your advice will be trusted. And, of course, you must be present on the Internet, because this is the main source of traffic.

How to make money on affiliate programs with YouTube

People increasingly prefer to receive information about products and services not in text format, but in video format. So if you want to make money on affiliate programs without a website, use YouTube to promote your affiliate links for free. If you use Google Mail (, then you can use the same username and password to log in to YouTube. In order to make money on affiliate programs, you do not need to become a star of this video hosting. But you have to post useful videos that will be interesting to viewers. Each of your videos should contain at least one answer to an important question that interests your viewers.

If the question assumes a simple answer, no need to stretch the video for 10 minutes or more – save your viewers time and they will appreciate it. Of course, if we are talking about a review of a product or service, the video may be longer. But at the very beginning, be sure to make an announcement of the issues that you consider in your review. Earnings on contextual advertising on YouTube is becoming quite difficult, because you need a lot of subscribers and hours of watching your videos to connect monetization on the channel.

How to make money in affiliate marketing with Youtube

How to make money in affiliate marketing with Youtube

However, no one bothers you to place affiliate links already under your first video and mention it in the video. As I mentioned earlier, you will get success in affiliate marketing when your viewers should trust you. Therefore, do not mention the links every minute and do not make the main purpose of your video click the viewer on the link. First of all, try to make the video useful and interesting. Even if the viewer doesn’t buy anything from your link from the first time and doesn’t even click on it, you will receive a grateful viewer who will trust you in the future and can join your subscribers.

Social media for earnings on affiliate programs

Billions of people are registered in social networks, so you should definitely use this source of traffic to make money on affiliate programs without a website. This is probably the easiest way of your presence on the Internet, and you probably already have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Telegram. To start making money using social networks, you must take care to have a certain number of high-quality friends and subscribers. By quality in this situation, I understand not the moral qualities of people, but the maximum target audience.

For example, if you are going to make money on financial partnership programs in the US, you will be of little benefit from subscribers and friends from Africa, Pakistan or Indonesia. And if you want to earn on hi-end products affiliate programs, try to have friends and followers of people from countries with high income and consumption. Separately, I want to mention Instagram as the best tool for sales. The advantage is that in this application there is an opportunity to get quality (target) subscribers not only in a natural way, but also for a small fee. By the way, you can receive several thousand target subscribers on Instagram every month using my services.

Don't forget to use social media for affiliate marketing

Don’t forget to use social media for affiliate marketing

As in the case of videos on YouTube, you should not just post beautiful photos and pictures (they are very important for attracting attention), but share your experience, express your informed opinion about goods or services. Do it regularly and after a while your opinion will influence your audience and people will click with great confidence on your affiliate links in posts. Important advice: do not try to seem an expert at once in all areas, because it can negatively affect trust in you. It is better to choose one or two niches in which you really understand (and which you are actually interested in). When you want to work with affiliate programs for different target audiences, it is better to use separate accounts for each.

Creating an ebook for make money

A somewhat more complicated option, but very effective in terms of results. You do not have to write something big, because most often people are looking for answers not to some global questions, but to narrower ones for some problem. It is very desirable that already from the title of the book it was clear that a person will learn after reading why this is important for him and what problem this book will help to solve. In the process of writing an e-book (usually in PDF format), it is necessary to pay attention to the really important problems and to give relevant and useful advice on solving such problems. Try not to add links on the very first pages, because first you have to gain the minimum confidence of the reader by submitting really useful information.

Before writing an e-book, it is important to choose those partner programs that will potentially work for a long time (several years). Agree, it would be foolish to advertise something that will lose relevance a week after the start of distribution of your book. The advantage of making money on affiliate programs without a site using e-books is that you have the opportunity to post not one affiliate link, but dozens. Of course, each link should be thematic and organically inserted into the text of the book.

You can also make a separate list at the end of the book, in which all of your affiliate links with a brief description of their usefulness to the reader will be presented. For example, SiteGround is a reliable and convenient hosting for WordPress blogs. In this case, it is better to warn readers that the links are affiliate. Since your goal is to make money on affiliate programs, it’s easier and more effective to distribute your e-book for free. To do this, you can use social networks, forums, guest posts on foreign sites, electronic libraries and stores (for example, Amazon). You can easily find information about free programs for creating electronic books on the Internet. A beautiful cover you just a few USD will make a professional designer.

Forums and groups on the Internet

Thematic forums and groups on the Internet are still very popular, especially with an audience of 30 years or more. Indeed, it is an important source of information and an excellent opportunity to gain trust from people. Many forums have a rating system that will grow with your activity (the number of posts) and positive feedback from other participants. You will get a reputation when your answers to relevant questions will be useful (you can always find the right answer on the Internet). Earnings on affiliate programs without a website using forums is most effective precisely when you have some authority and your messages make sure that you are competent.

How to use forums in internet for affiliate marketing

How to use forums in internet for affiliate marketing

On the one hand, this method of obtaining targeted traffic may seem complicated, because it takes some time to gain trust in you. But if you do it right, you will receive a good reward for your efforts. And other forum participants will actively and with great confidence click on affiliate links and purchase goods or services. Before you start using this way to drive traffic for your affiliate offers, make sure that forum rules allow you to post affiliate links in posts or in signatures. The forum should be active (it can be assessed by the number of participants online, the number of posts in your topics and the date of the last posts in them).

This is a very effective way to generate income from affiliate programs, which allows you to get results in the first days after the launch of an advertising campaign. The method involves investing in an advertising campaign (contextual, banner, advertising on Instagram and Facebook), so it is very desirable to have an idea of ​​how traffic arbitration works. To earn revenue, your affiliate program must provide a large receipt for each sale, and advertising clicks should not be too expensive. It is very important to set up targeting – choose the target audience that may be interested in the products or services that you advertise. And be sure to test your advertising campaigns on small budgets, 5-10 USD per day.

The disadvantage of this method of making money on affiliate programs without a website is the limitations of advertising sites and affiliate programs. Always carefully read the affiliate program terms and conditions for permitted and prohibited ways to promote affiliate links. As a rule, direct advertising to the brand is prohibited. This means that you cannot launch an advertising campaign where links are sent directly to the main page of the service.

Also, many affiliate programs before approving your application require you to specify the address of your website, without which you will not be allowed to participate in the program. Landing pages (or gasket sites) help to solve this problem. You can use special services to create and host such pages. If you prefer to work in English, I recommend you to try Clickfunnels. These are very good, but paid service, but you can use this for free for as long as 14 days, and this is great news!

The big advantage of the landing page is the ability to collect the email addresses of your potential customers. When a person clicks on your direct advertising link or banner, he goes to the partner site, and you lose him forever. But when using the landing page, you not only fuel interest in a product or service, but also receive an email address for your database. And this allows you to use next effective way to make money on affiliate programs.

Email marketing for make money on affiliate programs without a website

Despite the development of social networks, e-mail is still a very popular and effective way to disseminate information. Hundreds of millions of people check their email several times a day, so you can use email marketing to earn money on affiliate programs without a website. In some ways, creating promotional letters is a process reminiscent of writing articles for a blog. The main difference is that you send each article directly to the addressee. Where do you can get so much email addresses? There are two main ways to obtain a database of email addresses: collection and purchase.

Email marketing for affiliates - how to use

Email marketing for affiliates – how to use

The first method is more time consuming, but you can gather a more targeted audience. In the future, this will increase the conversion and, accordingly, your income from each sent email. The collection of email addresses can be done through the use of websites-laying or in the process of distribution of your e-book (I wrote about this in previous sections). Today there is an unspoken rule in online marketing: in order to gain the loyalty of people, it is best at first to offer them something useful, but free. And after that you can start sending letters with your affiliate links that will help solve the potential problems of your subscribers.

In the case of buying a ready base of email addresses, you can not guarantee that this will be the target audience, so the percentage of reading your emails will be smaller. Writing advertising letters and interesting titles to them is a separate big topic. For writing such letters, it is better to use special programs with built-in beautiful templates, automatic scheduling sending, autoresponders and rich functionality for analyzing your email marketing. Aweber and Maichimp have been holding leadership for many years. Both programs have a free trial period. In Aweber it is limited to 30 days, but the functionality is much more. Mailchimp has a perpetual test period, but the free version has limited functionality.

Now you know that you can earn on affiliate programs without a website and in this ways many successful partners earn thousands of dollars every month. Each of the methods has its own subtleties and it will take time and experience to succeed. You can also use all these methods in cases where you have a young website (without a large attendance) to increase your income. I advise you to try all these ways of earning in person. This will help you understand which method suits you best and which method allows you to get the maximum income from affiliate programs with minimal investment of time and money. Good luck and be patience!



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