How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

On this page you will find information that will allow you to start earning on affiliate programs. This type of earnings for more than five years brings me about half of all revenues, so I recommend it as one of the most interesting and promising ways to make money on the Internet. Getting income from affiliate programs is available to absolutely everyone and does not require cash investments and complex knowledge. If you do everything right, you will start earning on affiliate programs, even in those cases when you do not have your own website. After reading this article, you will understand the essence of earnings on affiliate programs, find out how much income you can get, learn about the five main factors that make money on affiliate programs. I will also talk about the advantages and the main disadvantages of such earnings.

The essence of earnings on affiliate marketing

There is a huge amount of money on the Internet and a large number of those who are trying to get at least a small share of this “money pie”. However, not all ways of making money on the Internet are honest. Here I am not even talking about legality from the point of view of the criminal code, because there are many ways to deceive people and at the same time remain unpunished from the point of view of the law. But personally, I believe in karma and always try to use for my income only those methods that are truly honest and transparent. And one of the most honest ways to earn money are affiliate marketing. This large-scale business is becoming more and more popular and by 2020 the total revenue of partners should exceed $ 15 billion.

In essence, the earnings in affiliate programs are the fee (fixed or in% of the amount) that you receive for each client you brought to the partner’s website and which took an active action. In this case, you receive income not because the client pays more for goods or services. The price for the final consumer of goods and services in any case will be fixed. Just a seller of goods or service provider save on advertising and pay you part of their profits. Therefore, affiliate marketing – this is a mutually beneficial partnership. Even if you have a high stable income and you do not want to make an effort to make money on affiliate programs, participation in such programs can help you significantly save. This is explained by the opportunity to use referral links when buying goods or services for themselves.

The scheme of earnings on affiliate programs is the following: you simply find a service provider or seller of goods on the Internet and help him with the sale of a product for a commission. Unlike the services of traditional intermediaries, you do not need to resell something and overcharge to get more income. Earnings on affiliate marketing may be purely advisory in nature. Really, we constantly recommend something to our friends and acquaintances: which movie to watch, which airline is better to use, which smartphone to buy, which bank is more profitable to apply for a loan, and at which resort to relax during the holidays.

And there is nothing wrong with the fact that instead of a verbal recommendation, we will use an affiliate link to those services or products that we would recommend in any case. Thus, our friends will take advantage of our advice and watch an interesting film, buy an excellent smartphone, make a comfortable and safe flight, take a profitable interest-free loan from the bank and have a good time on a tropical island for little money. And in all these cases you will receive your commission, which will be paid from the profits of your partners. I hope this example was clear, and we can move on.

With the development of the Internet, affiliate marketing has acquired a truly global scale. More and more companies understand the advantage of such promotion of goods and services and use it in practice. Therefore, it’s not too late for any of you to become a participant in this global process and build a stable and highly profitable business on the basis of such partnerships. Regardless of which country and city you are in, you can simultaneously be a freelance employee of the marketing department of dozens and hundreds of companies and receive your commission monthly. And if you do everything right, then in the end this type of income can bring you not only high, but also passive income.

Where and how to search for good affiliate programs

When it comes to making money on affiliate marketing on the Internet, I mean affiliate CPA. CPA stands for Commission Per Action (i.e. commission is paid for active action). This is the main difference from earnings on contextual advertising (CPC or Cost Per Click), where you get income only because someone clicked on an advertising link on your website or YouTube channel. On the one hand, clicks on contextual ads can be tens or hundreds of times more. But the amount of remuneration in affiliate programs is much higher, and you do not need to have your own blog or YouTube channel for posting links if you just start this business.

Perhaps at this stage you are already tormented by two important questions: “How and where to find partners who will pay the commission?” And “How does the partner know that someone who bought this or that product or paid for the service actually used my link?”. But do not worry about this questions. Today it is easy to find special CPA networks on the Internet that unite dozens of affiliate programs. After registering with the CPA network, you have the opportunity to apply for participation in those affiliate programs. Of course, it is better to choose those affiliate programs that seem to you the most profitable and for which it will be easier for you to find clients. I also strongly advise you to choose programs that you are sure of and that you have used for yourself or are ready to use in the future.

Remember that trust in the network is very difficult to get, but easy to lose! On the page List of the best high paying affiliate programs you will find a list of reliable affiliate programs that I actively work with and recommend to get started. In this list you will find global affiliate programs that can be advertised around the world without restrictions. When you register in the affiliate program, you get a link with a unique marker on the company’s products and services. With the help of these links you will recommend to your friends, acquaintances and strangers to purchase goods or services.

For example, is a link to the Travelpayouts affiliate program, which I use to earn money and to save money while traveling. In this case, my unique marker is 30176, which I can use to create links in all affiliate programs of this CPA network (air tickets, hotels, car rental, insurance, buses, last minute tours, excursions, etc.). In the process of using the Internet, special cookies are used to order services. With the help of such files, the suppliers of goods and services track the partner links on which the client came to them.

Depending on the affiliate program, cookies are stored for a certain amount of time (often up to a month). Those. a person who once followed your link to the seller’s website will buy something еркщгпре one or two weeks, you will still receive a standard commission. But we must remember that this does not always work: sometimes the client must buy something immediately after going to the site. In addition, people can return to the same site several times for different affiliate links. In such cases, the first or last link rule applies. This means that the commission is counted towards the partner who first brought the client to the site or the one who made it last (the second option is more often used).

The size of the affiliate commission

Your earnings on affiliate programs can be in the form of a fixed fee for payment for goods or services or in the form of a% of the sale amount. Definitely it cannot be argued that this or that option is more profitable for you. And in no case do not need to be afraid of a small commission as a percentage, because some goods and services are expensive. For example, you will sell last-minute tours to Thailand. For each ticket you get only 3%. But due to the fact that the average cost of such vouchers for two is about 1,700 USD, for each sale you will receive more than 50 USD commission. A similar commission can be obtained for each hotel booking via your link, but there is a way to get up to 6% of income or cashback from hotel booking, with whom I will introduce you a little later.

In some cases, it is possible to independently decide which affiliate program is best used for personal purposes. For example, I receive a fixed fee from Admitad in the amount of 15 USD for the purchase of a ticket for an Etihad Airways flight. While buying this ticket through Jetradar, I would receive a 2.2% commission. Taking into account the cost of an air ticket of about 500 USD, this would be about 11 USD. As you already understood, the second option is less profitable. It is also possible to receive a different amount of commission or cashback for the same product in different CPA networks, but over time you will learn all these subtleties in practice and will be used correctly for your own benefit.

A separate topic is the affiliate commission for the sale of information and digital products. Due to the fact that the cost of each additional copy of such goods is zero, you can get up to 90% of the commission! It sounds very tempting, is not it? In general, 90% is not very often, but 40-70% is almost the standard in this area. This commission is offered by hosting providers for inviting new customers, as well as software vendors and authors of training courses. You need to work carefully with the latter, because you cannot assess the quality of a product without buying it, and you may not need such a purchase at all.

Affiliate Marketing – Factors of Profitability

As you probably already understood, affiliate marketing is a very promising type of earnings that does not require investments or allows you to start earning with minimal investments. But at the same time there are a number of important factors that your real income depends on when working with affiliate programs.

Factor #1. Quality of goods or services

Choose those affiliate programs that actually offer customers interesting and popular products or services. At the same time, the price should be competitive, because no one will buy a flight ticket for 700 USD through your link, when it is easy to find it for 500 USD. And few people will want to use hosting for 10 USD per month, when it is easy to find an excellent fast hosting for 3-5 USD per month. This means that it is not enough just to offer people to use this or that service or buy a product. These should be really interesting offers, and the consumer should immediately understand what benefit he will gain from your offer.

Factor #2. Size of affiliate commission

This factor should be considered in the process of choosing ways to promote affiliate links. If you will be active in attracting potential customers and paying money for it, I advise you to work with affiliate programs in which each transaction will bring you income of 10 USD and above. Affiliate programs with smaller commissions can also be used, but only in a more passive mode (placing links on their websites, on social networks, on forums, etc.). For example, I work with a tourism transport affiliate program in Asia. There, I often receive for each ticket sold only 0.5-1.0 USD. If I paid for contextual advertising to attract customers, I would constantly receive losses due to low sales profitability.

Factor #3. Traffic volume

The size of your income directly depends on this factor. According to the statistics of many affiliate programs, only 2-3 people who followed your link to the seller’s website will pay for the order. If from each sale of goods or services your affiliate commission is about 10 USD, then every 100 people will bring you 20-30 USD. This means that you must transfer from 3,500 to 5,000 people per month to partner’s site in order for you to receive a 1000 USD commission. If your average check from one sale is 50 USD, then you will only need to attract 2,000 people to your partner’s website to get the same monthly income.

Factor #4. Traffic relevance

It is not enough just to ensure that people go to the partner’s website for your link. This should be the most relevant (target) visitors who may actually be interested in purchasing a product or service. Therefore, if you are cooperating with a fishing accessories store, do not place an affiliate link in women’s groups or on forums for young mothers. Perhaps even from there you can attract some traffic, but it will not be targeted and your time will be wasted.

For example, I have a website about independent travel and the benefits of such a holiday abroad. As a result, for a couple of years I managed to sell only one travel package, because the main visitors of the site are just those who do not travel on package. Therefore, always have a clear idea of ​​who can be the “hottest” buyers of those goods and services, for the sale of which you will receive a commission. And all efforts must be directed to promoting the link where the category of people you need is looking for information or communicating with like-minded people.

Factor #5. Number of offers

All other things being equal, greater income can be obtained when there are more affiliate offers. If you work with an electronics store, there should be a good assortment of relevant products. If you sell travel insurance, it is better to cooperate with the comparison services for the cost of similar insurance policies from different insurance companies. This rule is especially relevant for travel partnership programs, because today there is a lot of competition in this area. And if a client gets the opportunity to quickly compare hundreds of similar offers and choose the best one, he is more likely to pay.

The benefits of earning on affiliate programs

Accessibility for everyone. Today, any person, from schoolchild to senior citizen, with average computer skills or able to use a smartphone, has the opportunity to start earning on affiliate programs. In some cases, the first income can be obtained directly on the day of the start of active work on promoting affiliate links.

Unlimited income. Already in the first month of work, you can get from 100 to several hundred USD and higher with the correct construction of working processes and having a good affiliate program. In the future, with gaining experience and applying it in practice, you can turn work with affiliate programs into a business that can be well scaled and receive five-digit amounts in USD every month.

Possibility of earning without investment. At the initial stage, when few people want to invest their own money to increase income, you can get by with completely free ways to promote affiliate links. For this you can use thematic forums and numerous social networks. In this case, the only investment will be your personal time.

Disadvantages of earnings on affiliate programs

No income guarantee. Unlike regular work in an office or factory, where you can be sure of receiving a monthly salary, earnings from affiliate programs are personal business activities. This means that no one guarantees that you will earn a lot and quickly. Moreover, no one can guarantee that you will earn anything at all if you do not take this earnings very seriously and will not take into account the factors that were listed in the previous section of the article.

Loss of time and money. In the case of an unfavorable result described in the previous paragraph, you will be aware that you have gained experience, but have lost your time spent on promoting affiliate links. And if you invested money in such promotion, you will also get a loss, which is never pleasant.

Income instability. Sometimes you can earn more than 500 USD per month with little or no effort, but next month, with similar or even higher labor effort, you can get 100-150 USD of income. This is explained by the relevance and novelty of the product or service, the season, the presence of mass holidays in the month, etc. For example, you started promoting a hot new product, and in the first month your work was rewarded with a high income. However, as early as next month, the goods sell poorly as a result of the emergence of great competition and some loss of relevance.

I will give an example from my practice. Until recently, I specialized exclusively in travel affiliate programs. And since my travel information site is mainly about Asian countries, from May to September I received almost three times less income than in the remaining months of the year. It is explained very simply: the low tourist season is from the end of spring to September in Southeast Asia. Therefore, visitors to the site who are interested in flights, hotels, tours and local transport are much less. As a result, I had to expand the range of partner products so that my income did not depend so much on the season.

Is it worth trying earnings on affiliate marketing?

I hope, after reading this article, you have a clear idea of ​​what affiliate programs are and how you can make money on them. Once again, I note that this type of earnings brings me about half of all income from earnings on the Internet. The relevance of partnership programs is increasing annually around the world and this income is absolutely real for each of you. But this is not the magic button “Money,” which is promised by many “money guru” on the Internet. This is a fairly painstaking job that brings a good result when following the rules.

You will be able to understand whether this type of earnings suits you or not, only after you try it yourself and evaluate your own result. And so that your efforts are not in vain, and you do not waste time in vain, I advise you to get acquainted with the list of affiliate programs that are personally checked by me and are not only reliable, but also monetary.



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