The Best Hosting for WordPress – How to Choose?

Choosing a hosting for a website is one of the first problems that every newbie faces in the process of creating a website. In the process of choosing a hosting, it is important not to make a mistake. After all, your first successes in the field of creating a site and the success of your project in the future depend on this. Below on the page I will talk about the most important parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing a hosting. You will also learn how to properly test hosting in the free period and what is the advantage of paid hosting over free analogues. Finally, I will give some recommendations regarding popular hosting providers and share my many years of experience using hosting for my WordPress websites.

Types of web hosting

Currently, there are several main types of hosting, each of which serves for specific purposes and tasks. So that you better understand what kind of hosting you will need, I will briefly talk about their differences.

★ Shared hosting. The most common type of hosting, in which your site (s) is located on the server simultaneously with dozens of other sites. This is the most affordable option. And this is the most popular option to start.

★ Dedicated server. A separate server is allocated for your needs, which is used only for your sites. A reliable, but not the most budgetary solution.

★ VDS (virtual dedicated server). Combines the advantages of the first two types. Those. This is a virtual server that runs on the basis of the physical and can be used by you at your discretion. The average cost of hosting for customers.

★ Cloud hosting. A whole network of servers is used to host your sites. This type of hosting is especially popular for international sites, which should be provided with quick access from most countries of the world.

I note right away that you don’t need to be afraid of all these terms, because at the initial stage, for your first websites will have enough good shared hosting. Such hosting is the cheapest, does not require complicated technical knowledge from you and easily withstands the load of up to 10 thousand people a day. And if your site becomes incredibly popular and conventional shared hosting will cease to cope with the load, you can always change the tariff or transfer your site to another hosting. Those. if you need a personal blog, a site for small business, a small online store – feel free to choose a shared hosting. Of cource, good shared hosting!

What to look for when choosing a hosting

So that the process of creating a site is fast and comfortable, and the site itself does not have problems with accessibility and download speed, you should consider the following parameters in the process of choosing a good hosting. Some of them can be seen right away, on the page for selecting tariff plans. And some others – only after registration, in the process of initial testing.

The physical location of the servers

It’s simple: if you are creating a website for an audience in Australia or Canada, you can choose hosting with servers in these countries. This will be one of the important guarantees that the site will load as quickly as possible. Accordingly, when you create a website for the USA or an international project, it is better to use hosting with servers in the USA, which provide fast loading of your website in most countries of the world.

Using SSDs (Solid State Drives)

This is an important parameter that is responsible for the speed of data processing on the server. However, starting in 2019, it will be difficult for you to find a good popular hosting where old HDDs are still used. But check does not hurt!

Support for your chosen CMS

CMS (Content Management System) is the so-called “site engine”. With the help of CMS you will fill the site with information, change its design and communicate with visitors if necessary. The most popular CMS in the world for many years are WordPress and Joomla, but WordPress far ahead. I advise you to make your first site specifically on WordPress CMS as the simplest and most flexible system for various tasks. Almost every hosting supports WordPress, and you should see this in the web hosting options when choosing it. All hosting, which I will talk about later in this article, support WordPress very good.

Quick CMS Installation

If you are new to creating sites, then this option is very important for you. For some reason, far from all popular hosting providers support installing CMS in a few clicks. Sometimes you have to manually create a user, database, etc. It’s not very difficult to do this, if there is a suitable instruction, but I would choose the option with the automatic installation of CMS. In addition, today you can find hosting with the pre-installed CMS WordPress, and it is really very convenient: you sign up for a hosting and you can immediately start working with your website.

The presence of a convenient file manager

In the process of creating the site, you will probably have to deal with uploading various files (photos, pictures, text files) to the hosting and editing some configuration files of your site. It is not always convenient and possible to do directly through the admin panel of the site. Therefore, the presence of a convenient file manager is an advantage of hosting. Many experienced webmasters use FTP to upload files, but personally, I prefer a good file manager for many years.

Convenience of a personal account and control panel

After registering on the hosting, you should evaluate the usability of your personal account and its design. Ideally, when you even with a quick glance can understand that everything is clear and simple. In which section will you create a new site? Where will you attach the domain name to the site? Where you can choose a CMS and install it? In which section you can connect additional services? Where to see statistics or balance? How to go to the file manager?

If we talk about the control panels, then the most popular in the world is the C-panel. Also, on several popular hosting the ISPmanager control panel is used. Now I use the C-panel on my hosting for travel websites, and earlier on other hosting services that I used for a short time. In fact, I do not think this control panel is the most convenient, especially for beginners. And there are hostings with unique control panels that are more convenient to use. You should also be aware that some hosting providers allow customers to select a control panel from several available options.

Automatic backup

In the process of creating sites, especially when you start editing the theme code, various errors may occur, because of which the layout of the site may suffer or your site does not open at all. Even experienced webmasters can face this problem. And the simplest solution to rectify the situation is to restore the functionality of your site from a previously made backup. In reality, making a backup (backup of the site and the database) every time before updating one of the plugins is very annoying and it’s easy to forget about it. Therefore, the presence on the hosting function of automatic backup is very helpful. I highly recommend checking its availability!

24/7 customer support

It may seem superfluous to someone to have such a function, but it is really important. For example, when you travel in other time zones and some kind of trouble happened with your site. The presence of such support is currently declared by almost all hosting providers, so you need to personally verify its efficiency and effectiveness. More on this in the next section of the article.

100% money back guarantee

To make sure of the quality of services, some hosting providers offer a 100% money back guarantee if the quality of services for any reason does not suit you. Most often this is a 30-day period, which is enough to assess the quality of hosting. But some hosting companies offer a longer period for a full refund – up to 100 days!

Cost of hosting and choice of tariff plans

When you first create your site, you probably want to save literally every cent. It is very convenient when you can pay for hosting not immediately for the year, but in parts. On the other hand, you can save a lot of money (from 20% to 50%) if you pay for hosting not every month, but for a period of 1 to 3 years. Given the money back guarantee, a second option is still preferable. Moreover, a company usually gives free domains for a one-year hosting contract.

Number of websites per plan

Personally, I recommend choosing an offer that includes placing an unlimited number of websites on the tariff plan. When choosing a hosting, you can see that the most affordable plans are only for adding 1 website. Those. it is rather marketing, allowing to show a very low price for beginners. But the next plan, which costs just 1.5-2 times more, allows you to place an unlimited number of websites. And this is what is actually more profitable in the future and that is why plan No. 2 is a bestseller on most hosting sites. Therefore, choose the first tariff plan on any hosting when you are sure that you will work only with 1 website and you don’t need the 2nd one even for testing new design ideas or new marking up your main website.

Free domains and free SSL certificates

It is always nice to receive gifts. When we talk about choosing a hosting, we are usually talking about free domains, when you pay for hosting immediately for a period of one year or more. The cost of a domain name in the .com zone usually starts from 10 usd and above. Therefore, when you pay for your hosting immediately for a year, you get not only a lower monthly price, but also save an additional 10-15 USD every year.

The second bonus, which you can get for free when you pay for hosting for a year, is a free issue and installation of an SSL certificate on your website. It is currently very important that your website is accessed using the secure https protocol. Even if you have a regular information website that has no sales, search engines can pessimize your project in the search results if the site does not have an SSL certificate. Those the chances of your website getting on the first page of search results are obviously worse than those of competitors with a SSLcertificate.

The advantages of paid hosting over free

Despite the fact that today you can easily find dozens of free hosting, I do not recommend using them. At least in those cases when you want to use the most popular ways to make money on the site. The main problem of free hosting is restrictions on the load on the server, lack of operational technical support, slow loading of the site. Another problem of many free hosting services is the inability to install WordPress CMS. You will be asked to use the site builder, which may be convenient in some situations, but is not suitable for solving more universal tasks. For example, to create a full online store.

One of the disadvantages of free hosting is the obligatory availability of a direct link to such hosting on all pages of your site. And the biggest problem you may encounter is someone else’s ad units on the pages of your site. It is worth recalling once again that free cheese is only in the mousetrap (and only for the second mouse). Therefore, I advise you to use free hosting services only for the purpose of creating a business card website, landing page, portfolio, etc. The only exception is Google’s Blogger. This is a good option for a simple blog with fast page indexing. However, the functionality of sites on Blogger is also limited and the ability to make a unique design is much worse than that of sites on WordPress.

When you use free hosting, you cannot be sure of the constant availability of your website for visitors and you generally have no guarantees of quality and confidence in the future. After all, in fact, you did not pay for the service and do not have the right to demand something in return if the company changes its conditions or even ceases to provide hosting services. Finally, you will not be able to work with a large number of popular affiliate programs if your website is created on a free hosting. While full-fledged paid hosting is a guarantee of your serious attitude to work and greater trust.

I hope the information on this page was really useful for you and now you know how to choose the right hosting for the site and by what criteria it should be evaluated. And if you have already chosen hosting for your sites, you can share your impressions and experience in the comments.


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