How To Choose A Website Topic – Tips and Mistakes

Choosing a website topic is the first and most important task that each webmaster or novice blogger faces. And the success of the site, the future popularity and the potential income of the owner, depends on the correctness of the solution to this problem by 90%. Below on the page you will find practical advice on the correct choice of the topic of website, after which you will more consciously and deliberately proceed to solve this problem. I will also share my positive and negative experiences in choosing a niche of site. After that, you will clearly represent the deep aftermath of the initially incorrect choice of the topic of your blog or information website.

The first mistake when choosing the website topic

Thousands of large and small articles have been written about this, but many webmasters around the world continue to make the same mistake in the process of choosing a website topic. They are guided solely by the popularity of the topic and the possibility of earning a lot of money in it. This is understandable, because most people in the process of creating a website hope sooner or later to receive remuneration for it, using the basic methods of earning on the site. But the truth of life is that most websites, which are created by beginners for the sole purpose of earning money, hardly pay off the invested funds to pay for hosting and domain. Even if you have chosen a good and inexpensive hosting with free domains.

At the same time, there are many examples where ordinary amateur web sites have become truly popular and bring consistently high income to owners for many years. And the secret of success lies in the fact that the chosen topic is interesting for the owner and he is well versed in it. It is these two factors that help the owner of any website to make useful content for visitors and overcome a moment of despair. I call this the period when, after several weeks (and sometimes several months), the website owner begins to feel pessimistic about his project. Almost all webmasters go through this stage, and I think that at this very moment the fate of the website is being decided – it will be a successful project or will join the ranks of those blogs whose traces in our time can be found only in the Internet web archive. Read more about this in the article “How not to give up in the process of creating a website.”

Therefore, remember once and for all: choose only the theme of the website that you are really interested in and that you understand. Otherwise, within a few weeks you will be bored writing new articles and the website will slowly die. And even if you are a very purposeful person and can force yourself to write at least one article per week, visitors to your website can understand that you are not very good at what you write. And trust on the Internet today is one of the main factors for good earnings. Especially if you prefer earnings on affiliate programs.

The second mistake when choosing the website topic

The second mistake in the process of choosing a website topic is not less common and can also cause the website to be difficult to become successful and popular. This error is related to the choice of the scale of the site. Beginner webmasters always strive to cover the widest possible niche. They think that the more inquiries on their topic, the higher the likelihood that their website will have a lot of visitors. The reality is that on a niche website today you can earn more and do it faster than on a website with a general focus. The competition on the Internet is quite high, so it is very difficult for a young website to compete in the search results with large thematic portals.

In other words, you are much more likely to make money on a website that is dedicated to a narrow topic. Do you like cars? Make a website about a particular brand, and even better about a particular model. Prefer to travel? Make a website about traveling to a particular resort, and not about the whole country. Love computer games – create a website not about everyone, but about a specific genre or series of games. From my own experience, I know that it is very difficult to make such a decision, because there are natural doubts that you will have enough information to write new articles. Therefore, at a minimum, abandon high-frequency queries in the process of choosing the theme of your site. You can read more about this on the page “The Semantic Core For Your Website with SEO. How To Do This”.

My mistakes in the process of choosing the website topic

I admit, at the beginning of my journey as a webmaster, I myself several times focused exclusively on potentially high earnings and chose topics that I didn’t really understand and which I quickly became not interested in. For example, my first website was about car tuning, while this topic was not very interesting for me and I didn’t even have my own car at that time. Therefore, I quickly got tired of writing purely theoretical articles and as a result I stopped doing it. I also chose the theme for my next websites not on the basis of personal interest, but on the basis of potential profitability.

A lot of time and effort was spent, but the income from my “building portal” and website about “elite real estate Europe” was even lower than from the automobile website. In the first case, the topic was not very interesting for me, and in the second case, due to lack of experience, I had to collect information on other websites for a very long time in order to write one article per day and this was very tiring. Therefore, one day I completely stopped writing articles for specified websites. At the moment, one of those websites is long gone, and the second brings 2-3 USD of income per year, which is not even enough to pay for domen name (this website has a beautiful domain, which I hope to someday be profitable to sell).

A few of my next projects (insurance, interior decoration, roofing work) had a similarly sad fate. Only one website that I created in 2012, began to rapidly gain popularity. It turned out that even in the period of despair I mentioned above, it was interesting for me to write several new articles every week. It was a travel site and every article I wrote was very easy and natural. I shared with my readers personal experiences from a previous trip, could dilute articles with unique photos.

I also wrote about the places in which I had not yet been, but which I was going to visit. Each such article required me to thoroughly check all the information that I later supplemented with my photos or somewhat corrected after the next real journey. Therefore, visitors of my website still trust me and write comments, to which I gladly respond. And the activity of visitors is highly appreciated by search engines and this makes my website even more popular. And when I began to notice that the income from my site is constantly increasing, writing articles has become even more interesting, because nothing motivates better than a positive result.

Thus, in the process of choosing a website topic, remember such simple things as personal interest in the topic, at least some personal experience in this topic, and also soberly assess your strength in the struggle for visitors with large thematic resources. Practically in any subject you can make a popular and profitable website, so the money topic is an advantage only in the case when you really understand the chosen topic and you are interested in it. And do not forget that a good website is primarily a useful website for visitors, which helps to find right answers to the important questions.



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