How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

On this page you will find information that will allow you to start earning on affiliate programs. This type of earnings for more than five years brings me about half of all revenues, so I recommend it as one of the most interesting and promising ways to make money on the Internet. Getting income from affiliate programs is available to absolutely everyone and does not require cash investments and complex knowledge. If you do everything right, you will start earning on affiliate programs, even in those cases when you do not have your own website. After reading this article, you will understand the essence of earnings on affiliate programs, find out how much income you can get, learn about the five main factors that make money on affiliate programs. I will also talk about the advantages and the main disadvantages of such earnings. Continue reading

How to create Clickbank Account from any country – manual!

Hello everybody! Today I will tell you how to register on the Clickbank service, with which you can very quickly start receiving affiliate commissions in dollars. In general, registration there is not complicated, so I will focus on another issue: How to register on Clickbank if your country is not in the list of countries available for registration in this service. In fact, there are very few of such countries, but even in Europe there is such a country in which I live, so here I am sharing not just theory, but real practice. Follow all the steps step by step, and you can successfully register on Clickbank and start making good money there.  Continue reading

The Best Hosting for WordPress – How to Choose?

Choosing a hosting for a website is one of the first problems that every newbie faces in the process of creating a website. In the process of choosing a hosting, it is important not to make a mistake. After all, your first successes in the field of creating a site and the success of your project in the future depend on this. Below on the page I will talk about the most important parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing a hosting. You will also learn how to properly test hosting in the free period and what is the advantage of paid hosting over free analogues. Finally, I will give some recommendations regarding popular hosting providers and share my many years of experience using hosting for my WordPress websites. Continue reading

Bluehost Review – The Main Pros and Cons of Using Hosting

Before you started reading this Bluehost review, you probably heard that this hosting is often called the # 1 hosting in the world. In 90% of cases, this is confirmed by the numerous hosting ratings that place Bluehost on the first line. This is a really good hosting service that has been successfully operating since 2003 and today hosts more than 2 million websites. But, like any other hosting, Bluehost is not 100% perfect and not without flaws. In this honest Bluehost review, you will find out what the hosting is really good for and what the disadvantages of Bluehost might make you choose a different hosting for your websites. Continue reading

How to make money with affiliate marketing without a website

How to make money with affiliate marketing without a websiteThere is still a common misconception that it is impossible to make money on affiliate programs without a website. In reality, this is not the case and you can start earning using other sources of traffic. In this short article I will give you six great ways to get free and paid traffic for your affiliate programs. For some of you, these methods will even be easier than maintaining your own website. But in any case, you will need to do some preparatory work and invest at least your time. To effectively use all these sources for earnings, you should always remember the most important rule of affiliate marketing – you get a good stable income when you and your advice will be trusted. And, of course, you must be present on the Internet, because this is the main source of traffic. Continue reading

How to do search engine optimization – TOP-5 SEO tips for bloggers

High website traffic is what every blogger wants. However, every year it is becoming more and more difficult to make that your blog is visited daily by thousands of people. Google search have become much smarter and today it’s not enough to write a long article and place several keywords in it. Without proper SEO site optimization, you will be writing articles for a long time that will never become popular and will not attract a large number of visitors to your blog. In this article, I will show you a step-by-step SEO plan for article optimization, which is very very effective and tested by me and many successful bloggers personally. Especially actualmys tips for those who want to invest in the development of the blog minimum cash. Continue reading

How to disable WordPress theme updates – 3 easy ways!

How to disable wordpress theme updatesWordPress themes are updated periodically, and you will notice this as you work on your website. In general, updating the topic can be very useful, because developers periodically add new functionality, fix bugs and close vulnerabilities. But if you did not just customize the theme, but changed the template, it is better to disable WordPress theme updates. After all, all your changes may disappear and you will have to redo everything all over again. And if you ordered this service from specialists, you will have to pay the money again. The most unpleasant situation occurs when the WordPress theme is updated without your knowledge, automatically (this sometimes happens with free themes). There are three easy ways to turn off WordPress theme updates, and you can easily do it in just a few minutes. Continue reading

How To Choose A Website Topic – Tips and Mistakes

Choosing a website topic is the first and most important task that each webmaster or novice blogger faces. And the success of the site, the future popularity and the potential income of the owner, depends on the correctness of the solution to this problem by 90%. Below on the page you will find practical advice on the correct choice of the topic of website, after which you will more consciously and deliberately proceed to solve this problem. I will also share my positive and negative experiences in choosing a niche of site. After that, you will clearly represent the deep aftermath of the initially incorrect choice of the topic of your blog or information website. Continue reading

How to earn money from website – The best ways

Most good websites can be turned into a real machine for make money, that brings a steady monthly income. Personally, I prefer passive ways to monetize the website, which allow me to earn income even in cases where for some time I stop working with my websites. However, for the sake of completeness, in this article I will describe all the main ways of making money on the website and tell their relevance at the moment. It should be noted that some ways to make money on your website have nuances that in the short term can bring quick income, but over time they can negatively affect the development of your blog or information website and significantly reduce potential income. Apply these methods of earnings or not – you can decide for yourself after reading this article. Continue reading